Fernweh [German word] : a strong desire to travel and see the world.

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The single-hand timepiece is inspired by the first sundials of antiquity, when time was measured not by the second or millisecond, but by the hour and the angle of the sun.

The single hour hand, by moving slowly, conveys a feeling of time slowed down to let you appreciate it in a new light.

Fernweh single-hand watches help you to reclaim the time which no belongs to you anymore since it flew off your wrist to your phone.


This slow mindset represents the more natural pace for the human whose always run out of time. It is the same state of mind felt by a traveller in a new place who would like to stop time and fully enjoy landscapes and surroundings.


Fernweh represents the authentic spirit of discovery, the allure of first encounters, an experience of life in the moment. 


A REAL WATCH. Built with durable components made to last and repairable, not a gadget that have built-in planned obsolescence. 


The components have been rigorously selected to ensure our watches are ready to follow you anywhere and at any occasion whether you are surfing, in a wet suit, or in a dinner jacket at an elegant restaurant.

THE REAL LIFE. This where you fully enjoy the moment being, made of simple and authentic pleasures shared with your family or friends. Moments that you would they never end, those etched in your mind and placed in a moment in time. Our single-hand watches let you appreciate time differently to be focused on what really matters : the PRESENT. 



Founders Arthur and Thomas have been friends since their school days outside Paris. After sailing the world in the merchant marine Arthur returned to home and shared his vision of travel and the feeling of time at sea with Thomas, a watch enthusiast since childhood, and the concept of Fernweh was born.



Those who bring to light this adventure.

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Johanna Slater


  • Instagram Fernweh Johanna Slater

"I’m passionated by photography since adolescence, attracted by the artistic aspect that I loved to bring out. A first collaboration with a Marseille designer was an incentive to continue to make the simple daily life beautiful and unforgettable."

Mathilde Metairie


  • Instagram Fernweh Mathilde Metairie

"Passionate by photography since many years, I try to impulse energy, adventure spirit and freedom to my photos. I love to capture my life and people around me trying to convey emotion which emerge from these precious moments."

Theophile Henry


  • Instagram Fernweh Theophile Henry

"I grew up in Marseille, a very cosmopolitan city facing the sea which gave me the desire to travel and meet other cultures. My leisure time is involved in discover seabeds, attracted by this unknown nature and its hidden secrets."

Adrien Plaud

  • Instagram Fernweh Adrien Plaud

It is parallel to my cinema studies that I've discovered photography. I've started to photoshoot when I was set photographer but I've switched to outdoor photography very quickly. Nowadays, I go around  France with my collective "Les Explorers"  in quest of the most beautiful spots.